Clinical Gait Analysis System

Wearable system for the functional analysis of movement

G-WALK introduces a new approach to motion analysis: a specialized wireless inertial sensor applied to the patient enables you to perform clinical tests such as the “Timed Up and Go” and the “6 Minutes Walking Test” in no time. It also supplies the most relevant parameters related to walking, running, and jumping.
This evaluation, which is essential in the field of rehabilitation, helps physicians and specialists to assess patient conditions and quantify the efficacy of treatments and/or rehabilitation therapies.

Fast, simple and accurate evaluation of motor problems

G-WALK can provide all the main data needed for the clinical analysis of a patient in a few seconds.
The six included tests can be easily performed and results compared right away with normal ranges.
The integrated protocols allow us to carry out complete and in-depth analyses of the main clinical tests:

A powerhouse of technology

We have enclosed 4 inertial platforms and a GPS in a few square centimeters.
This structure improves accuracy in the acquisition process and drastically reduces error tolerance.
The system guarantees 8 hours operating autonomy and unlimited range of action thanks to its internal memory.

A wearable laboratory for analyses

The G-WALK is a wearable device which is housed in a specialized belt; the patient is completely free to walk, run and jump. The sensor sends all data to a computer connected via Bluetooth; at the end of each analysis an automatic report containing all the parameters recorded during the test, is displayed.
The parameters are the result of 5 years of research and have been validated by internationally recognized clinical centers.